Our Services: Organisational Planning and Review

We support organisations to achieve their objectives by creating structured strategic, business or marketing plans.

Capturing the necessary information from your staff and stakeholders through a combination of workshops, interviews and questionnaires, our consultants will swiftly analyse and transform the raw data into the type of plan your organisation requires.

 Does your organisation need to:

  • align your organisation’s resources and strategic, business or marketing direction?
  • identify short, medium and long term goals, objectives and improvements?
  • provide an action plan or ‘road map’ of how best to reach goals and objectives and how to implement improvements?

Click on the services below for how Fyusion can help:

read moreStrategy development

We can help distil and analyse information gathered from a range of consultation activities and use it to create a logical plan. This plan will provide direction for your organisation’s activities and resources, including measurable expected outcomes, within the context of your mission statement and overall purpose.

We understand the critical relationship between strategic planning and the overall success of an organisation in fulfilling its mission. We can offer organisational leaders advice and strategic insight based on our experience of the best practise of other organisations.

read moreBusiness plans

Whether it is undertaken as an annual, biannual or other regular event, developing a business plan makes good business sense and serves as a compass for the direction your organisation will take in the future.

Having been engaged for numerous business planning projects in the past, Fyusion consultants are well placed to provide best practice advice and consulting services at any stage in your organisation’s business planning process.

This could be providing an independent perspective to refresh the content or structure of an existing business plan or undertaking consultation activities to design and write a brand new business plan.

read moreMarketing plans

We understand that the marketing needs of public sector organisations are often unique and a specialised marketing effort is often required to provide timely and persuasive information to the public and stakeholders on products and services.

Our consultants can work with your organisation’s management team to develop a tailored marketing plan that will:

  • define your market and customers
  • analyse your competitors (if applicable)
  • identify new opportunities
  • attract new customers
  • anticipate any changes in the market which may impact your organisation

read moreBusiness cases and options papers

Fyusion consultants are exceptional researchers and writers and, as such, are in an excellent position to research, design and develop rigorous business cases and options papers for your organisation on any subject. The format can be designed and developed to suit your specific requirements.

Our Key Services

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    Consultation and Research

    Investigate and better understand critical issues through research, evaluation and stakeholder consultation.

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    Organisational Design

    Assess, review and redesign organisational structures, business processes and job roles.

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    Workforce and People Systems

    Enhance organisational capabilities through job design and analysis, training, performance assessment and skills development.

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    Change Management

    Manage and implement the technical and cultural aspects of organisational change with a program customised to your organisation.

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    Organisational Planning and Review

    Support your organisation to achieve its objectives by creating a structured strategic, business or marketing plan.

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    Procurement and Independent Expert Advice

    Engage an independent specialist to support procurement, change management and training projects and prepare reports and corporate publications.