Our Services: Consultation and Research

We help organisations investigate and better understand critical issues through research, evaluation and stakeholder consultation.

Fyusion consultants undertake high quality quantitative and qualitative research using well-grounded analytical techniques to interrogate data, identify key themes and findings, and provide constructive and actionable recommendations.

Does your organisation need to:

  • understand the latest developments in your operational environment?
  • research external influences and other factors affecting your organisation?
  • identify what your stakeholders want from your organisation?
  • understand the climate within your organisation?
  • improve service output by identifying opportunities for innovation and improvement?

Click on the services below for how Fyusion can help:

read moreFacilitation

Our consultants have designed, developed and facilitated many hundreds of workshops, focus groups, cluster groups and in-depth interviews for government clients. We use powerful techniques to generate and capture fresh ideas from participants.

Case study: A series of stakeholder consultation sessions

read moreEvaluation

We understand the complexities of undertaking an evaluation and work in tandem with our clients to develop a methodology that is both practical and rigorous and that can provide an accurate assessment of services and programs.

Fyusion conducts evaluation projects in close collaboration with our clients to ensure that the results provide a practical road map for your organisation’s future.

Case study: Evaluating a new online service

read moreSurveys

A well planned survey can be a highly useful tool for any management team looking to:

  • find out what is going on in an organisation or work team
  • discuss and obtain feedback on key topics
  • make sound, data-driven decisions
  • provide a benchmark or baseline to measure changes over time

With solid academic backgrounds and considerable practical experience our consultants are experts at developing, conducting and analysing surveys. Our methodologies are tailored in collaboration with the client for each project but generally include a detailed literature review of the survey subject and client-specific data and resources. This ensures the survey’s language and terminology is meaningful to respondents.

Our surveys consistently attract well over the average response rate.

read moreStakeholder consultation

Fyusion understands that the positive engagement of stakeholders is critical for success.

As a core area of our business, Fyusion consultants have facilitated hundreds of stakeholder consultations ranging from two hour focus groups to multi-day workshops. Using a unique blend of facilitation skills, group activities and strategic insight, we can guarantee the focused and constructive participation of key stakeholders in your project.

Case study: A series of stakeholder consultation sessions

read moreUsability testing

Usability testing assesses how well users can learn and use a product to achieve their goals and how satisfied they are with their experience of that product. Your organisation may have a visually stunning website or beautiful signage in the lobby, but, if visitors can’t intuitively find their way around, then you may have a usability problem. Usability testing can be a quick and inexpensive way to identify and resolve problems before you go to the major expense of implementation.

Fyusion understands the critical nature of usability testing and can help your organisation achieve better usability outcomes, avoid usability surprises, reduce expensive mistakes and improve the interaction between an organisation and its clients.

Case study: Usability testing new directional signs

read moreAnalysis

Analysis is a core Fyusion strength and is the skill that enables us to transform the complex raw data from in-depth interviews, cluster groups, workshops, conferences and desktop audits into a precise and succinct report with clear themes, recommendations and road maps.

Clients comment that our reports are well written and that our business recommendations are both practicable and manageable.

read moreProblem resolution

Fyusion consultants are experts at recognising problems in the workplace for what they really are: a rich source of opportunities for your organisation. We can facilitate stakeholder meetings to gain consensus in defining and analysing the problem and identifying and implementing the most appropriate solution.

Our discreet, versatile and collaborative approach will ensure that even the most sensitive or contentious issues are resolved in a satisfying and constructive way.

Our Key Services

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    Consultation and Research

    Investigate and better understand critical issues through research, evaluation and stakeholder consultation.

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    Organisational Design

    Assess, review and redesign organisational structures, business processes and job roles.

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    Workforce and People Systems

    Enhance organisational capabilities through job design and analysis, training, performance assessment and skills development.

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    Change Management

    Manage and implement the technical and cultural aspects of organisational change with a program customised to your organisation.

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    Organisational Planning and Review

    Support your organisation to achieve its objectives by creating a structured strategic, business or marketing plan.

  • img09

    Procurement and Independent Expert Advice

    Engage an independent specialist to support procurement, change management and training projects and prepare reports and corporate publications.