About Us: Associations & Memberships


Knowledge Partnership with the Institute of Public Administration NSW

It is a privilege to have been identified as a Knowledge Partner by the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA). Only a handful of organisations have been given this status and we are delighted to have been invited into this esteemed partnership arrangement. IPAA NSW are keen to leverage from our deep experience and understanding of the public sector so that we can share our knowledge with the wider IPAA network. We have been asked to share our advice and expertise which we will do by co-publishing articles, presenting at forums and events and attending specialist interest group meetings. We are look forward to working closely with the IPAA community in 2017!

We understand the importance of ongoing professional development and, as such, a number of Fyusion’s consultants have ongoing membership and links to relevant professional associations including:


  • The Australasian Evaluation Society
  • The International Association for Public Participation Australasia


  • Accredited Facilitator of the Shared Values Process
  • Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply Australia
  • Australian Institute of Management
  • Australian Human Resource Institute
  • Institute of Public Administration Australia

Our Key Services

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    Consultation and Research

    Investigate and better understand critical issues through research, evaluation and stakeholder consultation.

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    Organisational Design

    Assess, review and redesign organisational structures, business processes and job roles.

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    Workforce and People Systems

    Enhance organisational capabilities through job design and analysis, training, performance assessment and skills development.

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    Change Management

    Manage and implement the technical and cultural aspects of organisational change with a program customised to your organisation.

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    Organisational Planning and Review

    Support your organisation to achieve its objectives by creating a structured strategic, business or marketing plan.

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    Procurement and Independent Expert Advice

    Engage an independent specialist to support procurement, change management and training projects and prepare reports and corporate publications.